New Keynote from Carol Evans

Leading at Work and at Home: Cross Training for Success In her newest keynote speech Carol talks to moms and dads about how to leap forward in their confidence levels by bringing their well-honed work skills home at the end of the day and taking their best home skills back […]

What Is Carol Evans Enterprises?

I launched Carol Evans Enterprises after 25 years at the helm of Working Mother Media and many years leading Chief Executive Group.  These remarkable experiences have prepared me to advise today’s business leaders and consult for companies who want to be in the forefront of moving women to equity. Speaking […]

My Words of the Month are Role Model

Our family has reached another major milestone in our life cycle: My daughter, Julia Rose, is getting married this month! I’ve noticed that the first question every- one asks is “When?” and the second is “Do you like him?” October 5 and yes, we love her fiancé, Matt—and they are […]

My Word of the Month is Law

I recently rewatched the great 1993 movie Philadelphia, with Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington, about a talented lawyer dying of AIDS and his attempt to get justice for the workplace discrimination he suffers because of his illness. Though the two issues aren’t exactly parallel, the fight for justice in Philadelphia […]

My Word of the Month is Multicultural

Whenever I speak on the advancement of women, I bring up the issues faced by women of color. Wage gap? While white women earn 78 cents to every dollar white men make, African American women earn 64 cents and Latinas earn 53 cents. Only Asian women do better, earning 87 […]

My Word of the Month is Breadwinner

I’ve been a breadwinning mom—outearning my husband, Bob—for most of our 28 years of marriage. In 1988, this was such a novelty that Oprah Winfrey invited us on her show to ask how our marriage could survive this upending of the usual male/female relationship. Being on Oprah put us in […]