What Is Carol Evans Enterprises?

I launched Carol Evans Enterprises after 25 years at the helm of Working Mother Media and many years leading Chief Executive Group.  These remarkable experiences have prepared me to advise today’s business leaders and consult for companies who want to be in the forefront of moving women to equity. Speaking at conferences and events allows me to inspire individual women to reach for their own brass ring by reframing how they perceive and respond to the pressures and challenges of home and work.

The mission of Carol Evans Enterprises is to guide companies to greatness in the advancement of their women employees, and to inspire women to career and personal success.

My years at the helm of Working Mother Media gave me deep insight into the strengths and challenges of working moms, women of color and executive women, as well as unusual knowledge about what companies can and should do to attract, retain and promote female talent. At Carol Evans Enterprises I am consulting, speaking and writing to make a difference for women, the companies who employ them and the culture at large. Join me in this great work!