My Words of the Month are Role Model

Our family has reached another major milestone in our life cycle: My daughter, Julia Rose, is getting married this month! I’ve noticed that the first question every- one asks is “When?” and the second is “Do you like him?” October 5 and yes, we love her fiancé, Matt—and they are crazy about each other.

Julia is not planning to become a working mother anytime soon, but she and Matt are in a creative phase of their lives. Together they are launching Muddy Buddies, a mobile dog-grooming business, and will begin their married life as young entrepreneurs. Julia knows the whole truth about being an entrepreneur. She was by my side when I acquired Working Mother in 2001 and saw me struggle to overcome the challenges of securing financing, living through economic cycles, launching new services and scaling our teams to meet customer needs. It will be a great joy for me to witness the birth of her new business (not quite like the birth of a grandchild, but thrilling nonetheless).

This month I also celebrate our 2014 Working Mother 100 Best Companies. These winners are dedicated to making sure young women can successfully build their families and their careers at the same time. It is critical that all our daughters have access to flexible work arrangements, paid family leave, equal pay and advancement opportunities.

Many young women tell me their working mothers are their role models for success. The Working Mothers of the Year, each named by one of our Best Companies, provide inspirational role modeling for their fellow employees, their families and their communities. Meet them on page 76 of tha magazine and online at

Enjoy this special month!

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