New Keynote from Carol Evans

Leading at Work and at Home: Cross Training for Success

In her newest keynote speech Carol talks to moms and dads about how to leap forward in their confidence levels by bringing their well-honed work skills home at the end of the day and taking their best home skills back to work in the morning. Carol reframes our internal dialogue about problem solving and gives some mind bending ideas of how this knowledge and skills transfer can boost our careers and happiness. Audience participation is always on the agenda with Carol, and here she gets tables talking about their greatest challenges and which cross training skill they will apply the next day. Carol’s speeches are high energy fun, but are packed with accessible and useful lessons, spot-on anecdotes and memorable concepts.

Carol Evans delivers her new keynote, “Leading at Work and at Home: Cross Training for Success.” at a sales conference in Las Vegas in February, 2019.

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